Summer Art Camp Schedule

Taking Registrations Now!
Join us this summer for some creativity and fun!! Contact our art instructor, Sara Mick, for more information!
(304) 545-5777

$30.00 per class/each day or Choose 5 classes/days for $130.00 or sign up for all 10 days for $260.00 and save! Classes are available in both June and July!

Kids and Teens Welcome! Minimum age is 8yrs

June 3 – 5pm-6:30pm * July 5 – 5pm-6:30pm
“Color My World!” – Watercolors/Paint
Students will learn several aspects of using color in art. They will practice blending with a variety of mediums.

June 6 – 5pm-6:30pm * July 8 – 5pm-6:30pm
“Don’t forget your Lines!” – Sharpie/Pencil/Markers
We will enjoy some drawing prompts and study lines. Students will discuss how to add variety and movement to their artwork!

June 8 – 5pm-6:30pm * July 11 – 5pm-6:30pm
“Better Shape up!” – Collage/Color Pencil
This class is focused on seeing and understanding shapes in art! We will explore realistic and abstract artwork. Sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem!

June 11 – 9am-11am * July 13 – 5pm-7pm
“Lights, Camera, Texture!”– Paint/Photography/Pencil
This will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to create a variety of textures with different techniques. Also, students will explore texture through a camera!

June 13 – 5pm-6:30pm * July 15 – 5pm-6:30pm
“To Space, and Beyond!” – Pastels
Students will create art with an understanding of space and form! We will practice ways to create depth and different points of view in our art!