Urban Stage

Urban Stage

Comprehensive Dance Program

Urban Stage is a program of Arts in Action that provides dance, music, comedy improv theatre, and music lessons to children on the west side of Charleston, West Virginia. Many would never be afforded this opportunity without Arts in Action providing these classes free of charge for everyone. Our mission is that no child misses out on these after school activities due to economic restraints and that every child has the opportunity to reap the numerous documented benefits of arts education.  Students of Urban Stage pay no fees for tuition and Arts in Actin provides all dance attire including leotards, tights, ballet, jazz and tap shoes, and dance costumes for the annual recital.  Arts in Action also provides all music instruments, music, and recital attire for music students and awards for all participants.

The Urban Stage program is comprehensive in nature, taught by professional artist-educators who have a passion to equip each child to their personal best. Arts in Action has been designated as a West Virginia and a National “Promise Place.” This means that in all of our programs, including Urban Stage, we teach in an environment and with a method that provides all five promises that help a child grow into a successful adult.

Arts in Action Urban Stage provides an excellent opportunity for students who attend the Bob Burdette Center Afterschool Enrichment Program to receive dance instruction from skilled teachers and volunteers who not only care about their skill development but also their spiritual development. Urban Stage classes provided at the Bob Burdette Center also include drums, choir, and Laugh Lab.  These enrichment activities are a favorite among students–something that they look forward to each week.  The annual recital is always greatly anticipated by families of students who participate in Urban Stage as well as Bob Burdette Center staff and other community members.

Loren Farmer, CEO The Bob Burdette Center
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