Princess Academy

Princess Academy

Our Princess Academy

Registration for fall 2021-2022 season begins July 19th. 

Experience the magic, laughter, and happily ever after of a unique ballet class with an emphasis on princesses! Our instructor has extensive experience as a real Disney princess at Walt Disney World and is ready to teach proper classical ballet technique, terminology, and Princess Etiquette. The class will focus on a different princess each month where students will learn their story and connect it with God’s word. They will be empowered to dream big, just like a princess! Students will be featured in the recital performing to a princess song! Those interested in ballet with a princess influence are encouraged to experience the magic of this class.

If you want you son or daughter to experience a form of dance, art or music then look no further. This facility inspires and allows kids and teenagers to tap into their creative side and express themselves. The instructors are amazing and love working with young people.

Cody Kaso
Our Princess Academy - Ballet Class - Arts in Action Dance Academy