Comprehensive Comedy Program

LaughLab is an introductory course in short-form improvisational comedy. The study of improv develops:

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Problem-Solving Skills

Students will have a safe environment to create scenes, characters, and jokes. Improv has been used therapeutically to help people learn public speaking and overcome social awkwardness. It is also a wonderful introduction to the basics of performance.
The skills for improvisation are aligned with the skill set of discipleship – most of life, after all is unscripted! Our instructor, a Presbyterian elder and an aspiring Certified Humor Professional, has performed improv and stand-up comedy locally, and his wife is thrilled to have him out of the house for a few hours each week.

If you want you son or daughter to experience a form of dance, art or music then look no further. This facility inspires and allows kids and teenagers to tap into their creative side and express themselves. The instructors are amazing and love working with young people.

Cody Kaso
Laughlab - Comprehensive Comedy Program - Arts in Action