Show Choir


The Crescendo Company for Christ (C3) is the Show Choir Program of Arts in Action.  Being taught with a Christian influence, students learn the artistic form of combining choral with dance in a team performance.  There are two Show Choir seasons per academic year, each concluding with a performance event.  The first season is from September through December’s performance at “A Gift of Christmas Music” recital (date TBA) and the second season is from January through May’s performance at the “Arts Celebration” recital in May (date TBA).

The Vision of This Program Is as Follows:

  • To train children who possess a desire to develop their choral singing with simultaneous dancing
  • To provide an educational musical group experience for children who do not have such a program at their school or children that are home-schooled
  • To provide a Choral/Dance Staff that will equip students who participate in a show choir class of performing excellence while presenting an encouraging message

Class Guidelines:

  • No food and only bottled or contained water is allowed in the classroom
  • Girls’ hair must be up in a bun or a ponytail, if long. If short hair, a headband must be worn
  • Please do not be tardy for class. Arrive at a time that you are dressed and ready to begin at class time.
  • Any classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be re-scheduled.
  • Students will be furnished with song lyrics, a CD of songs to sing; therefore, they will be given homework.

Class Attire:

  • Show Choir T-Shirt
  • Girls: black leggings or stretch pants or capri pants; Boys: Black pants or long shorts (No jeans or sweatpants)
  • Dance Shoes (see shoe order form)
  • Girls: dance tights (see order form) or nude color hosiery footies; Boys; black thin dress socks

Performance/Costume Fees:

  • December recital fee $30 due by November 1st; Spring recital fee $55 due by March 1st
  • Fall costume fee due by October 1st; Spring costume fee due by February 1st

Girl’s size $80; Women’s size $85; Boys $85