Student Leader Program

The Arts in Action Faculty Assistant Training Program began in 2005 after many students showed interest in assisting faculty in the classroom. After observing the dedication and passion of the students to learn and assist, we established a creative environment to nurture and train future leaders through shadowing and mentoring. Students of the program begin in our Jr. Assistants program where they learn through shadowing while assisting the teacher in taking roll, disbursing hand outs, running music, etc. Shadowing develops soft skills such as teaching etiquette, class planning and procedures, record keeping, and more.

Students in the Sr. Assistants program learn through shadowing, mentorship and coaching. In an effort to share knowledge and mentor the next generation into leadership, Sr. Assistants take on a more active role in the class room and planning sessions. Students participate in planning, preparation and implementation under the direction of the faculty and director. All students in the program are admitted through an application process.

After acceptance, and orientation, students are expected to be dedicated, dependable, and follow all program guidelines. At Arts in Action we recognize the importance of leadership development. We are committed to mold the program to meet the needs of our students. This past season we recognized a desire by students to assist in general office duties and are establishing a program to offer these opportunities. For more information please contact Joni Prince at for 304-419-1193.