super-stars-logoSuperstars is a place where ones individual ability, rather than their disability, will be the focus. Opportunities will be created for each child to excel according to their personal skills.  Superstars classes will be places where it will not only be okay to be yourself, but where it will be celebrated!  By featuring and focusing on each individual’s strengths, the program will allow each Superstar participant to gain confidence and shine based on their unique gifts and talents.

While many with disabilities deal with isolation and loneliness which often results from feeling different,Superstars will provide a safe place to express emotions and thoughts through the arts.  Those with speech and language challenges who struggle to verbally express themselves will have the opportunity to do so through the arts.  In this way the program is designed to be an outlet for those who are often frustrated about their inability to share what is on their minds.

We are going to have a wonderful time of fun, make new friends, learn through the arts, and celebrate that we are all God’s Superstars!